The TORUS Foundation fulfills its mandate primarily in two areas:

Financial support for institutions or organisations that aim to clarify unresolved fundamental legal questions in the areas of labour and social security law relating to COVID-19. Aim is to eliminate the existing legal and factual discrimination of nursing staff through active assistance in suitable court proceedings.

Every month, a COVID-19 «care collective» from a randomly selected hospital will receive a prize. The purpose of this is to give the individual members of the nursing staff of the respective care collective a special form of recognition for their great service to the community.

For this purpose, the board of trustees selects a specific hospital and, in turn, there a defined care collective. The prize is awarded to bring people’s attention to the chosen care collective.

Applications for the monthly Torus Recognition Award can be submitted by the representative or by any member of the care collective who wishes to apply.

To proceed, please use the following form. Please download it and fill it out electronically and then submit it at

» Formular Bewerbung Torus-Annerkennungspreis