Who the foundation is:
The TORUS Foundation was registered on March 15th 2022 in the commercial register of the Canton of Schwyz. It is a charitable and tax-exempt foundation under Swiss law.

Its institution goes back to an initiative by human rights lawyer and philanthropist Frank Petermann. Since the first vaccinations were available, he has been bothered by the great and unnecessary danger in which the COVID-19 nursing staff in particular has been and is put under by scepticism regarding the vaccination and the pandemic.

What the foundation does:
Through concrete actions, the TORUS Foundation contributes to making sure that the risks for their own lives and health, their great sacrifices and achievements of the COVID-19 nursing staff are not only better seen and appreciated, but also – at least symbolically – honoured in a monetary form.

How the foundation is organised:

Legal form:
The TORUS Foundation is a foundation according to Art. 86 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.

Board of trustees:
– Dr. Frank Peterman, Lawyer (President)
– Dr. Martin Moritz Guggenheim, Physician (Member)
– Prof. Dr. Andreas Kley, Lecturer of Constitutional Law (Member)

Auditing organ:
– Trewitax Kreuzlingen AG

Supervisory organ:
With decree of 12th April 2022 by the Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI), the TORUS Foundation was placed under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations (ESA) as a foundation of national importance.